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Tuulen vousi

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"New wind is born in April, and that is where its year starts. The wind's story is all about the huffs and the puffs that make the cycle of the seasons. The wind itself is invisible but we can see how it moves."

Tuulen vousi (A Year with the Wind) is Hanna Konola's first children's book, published by Etana Editions. It's a poetic take on the seasons change. When was the wind born, where did it go? The wind is an ever changing sensation throughout each month but we hardly take note of the wind unless it is very strong. Still the wind makes it’s marks each month. A Year with the Wind is a picture book with very little text for small and bigger readers to learn about seasons, and to enjoy the harmony of colours and shapes.

Illustration and text by Hanna Konola
Published by Etana Editions
Finnish edition | 24 pages | Pantone colours